The Startup Ecosystem: A Simple Summary

June 2, 2012

Occasionally, you come across a statement that resonates with you and summarizes something perfectly. Ben Yoskovitz, VP Product at GoInstant and Founding Partner of Year One Labs in Montreal recently announced he was moving to Halifax to join the team at GoInstant. I’ve been a regular reader of Ben’s blog for quite a while now and have found his writing to be on point and refreshing. Ben has also been an active advocate in building the startup ecosystem in Montreal. In his recent post, he simplifies the basic ingredients of a successful startup ecosystem. I believe he is right on point, and wanted to share this simple statement:

Really, the ecosystem is best built through super successful startups. Those startups have to grow, make lots of noise and exit. The founders and other early employees have to then re-invest in the next round of entrepreneurs. They have to spin out new startups and do it all over again. Everything else is helpful, but basically noise. Chest thumping is fine, results are key. And you measure results in the startup world by building big, successful companies that make everyone (the founders, investors & employees) lots of money. That’s how you build an ecosystem. That’s the level of focus each entrepreneur needs.

I love the line, “everything else is helpful, but basically noise.”

Leaders and feeders….